State Police Must Stop Collaborating With ICE!

Pennsylvania must stand shoulder to shoulder with immigrants and people of color.

Across Pennsylvania, however, our communities are encountering state and local police officers enthusiastically working with ICE to target immigrants and people of color and to tear apart our families through detention and deportation. Governor Tom Wolf has said that he opposes racial profiling and that he is looking into the problem. However, until we have clear rules, oversight, and tracking of police encounters with immigrants and people of color in Pennsylvania, our communities will be at risk.

For the sake of public safety and our communities’ trust in law enforcement, Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania State Police must work together without delay to issue and effectively implement a policy that ensures that police officers are not allowed to act as de facto immigration officers. The policy should:

  • Forbid racial profiling,
  • Forbid prolonging a stop beyond its legitimate purpose,
  • Forbid questioning about immigration status, citizenship, national origin, or country of birth,
  • Forbid asking vehicle passengers for ID,
  • Forbid sharing information or resources with ICE for the purpose of civil immigration enforcement,
  • Require effective: 
    • Training on these requirements, 
    • Monitoring practices on the ground, and
    • Enforcement of repercussions for violations of the policy

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