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We are ready to fight for tuition equity for all college students in PA!

Many immigrant and refugee students face unique challenges when applying for, and attending, college. Many colleges and universities view undocumented students, and students with temporary immigration status, as out-of-state or international students, and charge higher tuition rates than for other residents of Pennsylvania – even when that student has lived in the state for many years and attended a Pennsylvania high school. Many scholarships and types of financial aid are not open to undocumented students and students with temporary immigration status. For many students, this means putting a hold on or ending to dreams of attending college. Policies like providing in-state tuition equity for all students can lower these barriers, making college accessible to all students;thus, keeping PA's talent home.

We believe all graduates of Pennsylvania high schools should have equal opportunity to attend college, regardless of immigration status. Allowing all immigrant students equal access to higher education is likely to help address the falling enrollment at Pennsylvania State schools, community colleges, and private schools. Please fill out this Intrest Form if you are someone who would benefit form this legislation or if you would like to advocate for Tuition Education and Inclusion. 

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