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A decision on DACA is going to be made soon! Leading up to that decision day by the Supreme Court PICC is partnering with National Organizations that are fighting for Undocumented people across the States. These are some upcoming Opportunities to join community :

There will also be a Virtual DACA Party June 15th (Save the date) from 6 pm-7 pm for the Anniversary of DACA.
-Stay Tuned for the Official Details and Links

On the actual day of the decision, these national organizations will be hosting events. We understand DACA recipients will want to be kept in the loop by PICC who will host a Facebook live updates in different languages to let me know what the Supreme Court decision means. We will continue to provide updates via social media, graphics as information becomes available. Follow them on FB: Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition (PICC) & Instagram @piccyouthmembership.
You will also get notice for the event that will take place at 6 pm that decision day, PICC will host a community support space for you to come together and learn more about important next steps .
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